Regina Clarkinia is an artist, comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. She has performed in popular weekly comedy shows around LA and has exhibited funny videos and performed live at art galleries, including Krowswork and Sweeney Kaye in Oakland, CA.

Regina’s approach to children’s entertainment combines fantasy with realism and family-friendly, irreverent, kid-led storytelling. She has taught kids to make their own video games, zines and audio/video productions, including a musical history of the Black Panthers.

She worked professionally as a photographer and videographer on educational web content, and has made indie videos, including a microbudget children’s show that exhibited at Martina-Johnston Gallery in Berkeley, CA.

Regina reads tarot cards and astrology charts. She writes about mysticism and teaches practical meditation techniques.

This blog is an anarchic adventure through wormholes, bookstores, libraries, museums, the internet, programming, gaming, education and fashion.

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