2019 Astrology Big Picture

2019 basics

A major theme of the year is understanding who is in your circle and how to care for each other (north node in cancer). Folks are feeling eager to understand and explore new perspectives and deepen understanding of cultural differences (jupiter in sagittarius). This is a good year to collaborate on creative projects that raise awareness and encourage a compassionate, socially responsible, democratic spirit of solidarity (sextiles of saturn to neptune). This month is ideal for starting commitments on projects and relationships that steadily create lasting, beautiful objects. (mars and uranus in taurus).

Capricorn at high noon

We are moving towards a power and control reckoning in early 2020 that carries great potential for transformation as well as destruction (saturn conj pluto in cap). For the past ten years “the system” has been undergoing abrupt and intense re-structuring through crisis (pluto in cap). It’s not moving fast enough for many of us! As the historical roots and core foundation of our white supremacist patriarchy are called into question, the systemic dirty laundry is being aired and authoritarianism is re-emerging (south node in cap).

Pluto is trying to muscle through to nudge and topple corruption in the system. Pluto through Cap keeps it real, walks right in and presses the “DO NOT PRESS” button. Pluto overturns tables at the family reunion to test everyone’s mettle and bring those who survive closer together. It all started in 2008 with the collapse of the unregulated financial market, the billions in bailouts, the mortgage scams, credit freezes, the stock market crash (pluto first entered cap). The Occupy movement in 2011 “expressed opposition to social and economic inequality and to the lack of “real democracy” around the world”(uranus entered aries). Other movements like #blacklivesmatter and #metoo have courageously called out the lies of high status individuals to demand justice and to rewrite our system, to create safer conditions to secure a chance for everyone to succeed (jupiter in libra, scorpio).

Let’s take a look at the system being called into crisis. In neutral terms, Capricorn methodically controls the conditions to teach behaviors that benefit society. It creates the systems of punishment and reinforcement. It supervises the flow of power, sets a reliable foundation for society to thrive on and establishes the structure for rewards, payment, prominence and important goals. Capricorn supports step-by-step procedures to accomplish tangible goals.

With the two biggest power and control planets, Saturn and Pluto, in Capricorn, we have the potential to deeply restructure our systems. Try not to hold things in, especially emotional firestorms or long-held secrets. Own your power, set boundaries and try to be as practical and responsible as you know you’re supposed to be. Pluto demands emotional truth in relationships, and always keeps tabs on the life/death hot buttons to leverage power. Saturn wants everyone to comply to the organized system of duties, tasks and time cards. However you can get these two parts of you to get along… I mean if you know how, fill me in okay.

2019 so far

January: a sober look at what success means to you
This was a personal state of the union reality check: you looked at what you want to accomplish in this life and how to get there. You made realistic, do-able steps to get there, while eliminating the noise of outside ideas of what you should be doing. Also paying no mind to last-minute worries to “catch up” or to try to prove the value of what you know to be your path.

February: impulsive activity aligned with a sense of self
You rambunctiously connected with others to make something totally fucking rad, tapping into that inner teenager that knows every-fuckin-thing! There was a strong urge to break free of conformity. You followed truth-fueled, aggressive, weird, new wilderness, hair up ass, high energy breakthroughs and a feeling of being reinvigorated to live by an unpredictable, individualistic, yet altruistic urge.

March: sit with your feelings while you tune your relationship guitar
Steeping in a magical brew of listening to others, telling others how you feel and noticing where you like more or less. A time of beginnings and endings and returns and releases. Lots of overlap of new and old cycles, harmonizing with different feelings, relationships, roles. Finding comfort in uncomfortable situations.