Uranus Enters Taurus

Uranus moves through signs very slowly, in each sign for like 7 or more years… so I like to see how this unfolds. Even though the fateful day of the transition is meaningful and it’s funny you actually can notice the switch, I like to wait and see what we foment.

Here’s a metaphor: planet transiting through a sign like making sauerkraut. At the beginning of a transit it’s like when you first put cabbage and salt covered up - no real change yet. It’s a big change in the sense that cabbage that was once whole is now chopped into a thousand tiny pieces, but there’s no fermentation developing yet. Day one, two, three, four… try not to peek because not much has changed. One week in, not ready to eat but change, yes, Taste, you can feel where it’s going with this but it hasn’t peaked. Whats in the air makes a difference in the flavor. Then 2 weeks or more in is a good time, yes, we see what has developed and how this particular transit has affected things.

For contrast to Uranus in each sign for 7 years, the moon is perhaps the fastest mover of the “planets”… in each sign for like two and a half days. You can really feel that change since it starts->middle->ends so quickly, and it strikes at the gut and emotions. Quick pickle… or scratch that: fast fermentation. The moon is subconscious, vibesy, feelings, moods, hidden or invisible tendrils… to define as examples of how you can perceive moon stuff, just for the sake of noticing in our world, in others and self how the Moon dyes daily life things.

Another comparison, the Sun is in each sign for a month. It’s very conscious, logical and the ways we openly express. and conspicuously espouse ideas and actions. Like when people say, “I’ve been very busy on lots of projects. My calendar is very full.” What they brag and/or humble-brag about is where you see the Sun doing it’s magic. You can also see the sun’s influence in holidays - open celebrations that the whole culture gets behind. Or like bumper sticker saying it plain: My Kid is an Honor Roll Student. Whereas with the moon - they’ll express through a mood. If you want to catch their drift, you have to pick up on facial expressions, subtle glances, thickness and quality of the air, a lilt of their walk.

Back to Uranus - it’s electrified, weird, unemotional and altruistic, with a bee in the bonnet to erect new-fangled public works projects to bring everyone into the future, more equality, integrity… like a shot in the arm. I always think of the mad scientist from Back to the Future. In Taurus, the first thing I think is prolific growth, sprouting new weird creative social projects, totally new ways of valuing work, new architecture for the financial system, innovations on farming and feeding.

Uranus is currently opposite Jupiter which is like limited bleak outlook, and combative resentful bucking at this. (the way to have backbone in this scenario is hope. It’s a choice, to some degree - whats in the air affects the fermentation.) But in 7 years by the time Uranus is ready to complete the time in Taurus, Jupiter will have just uplifted and filled Uranus in Taurus with it’s big fatty luck charms. Whatever we’ve built will get bigger - greed or hope or equality or whatever we want to make. Also in 7 years, Saturn will be in Pisces and Neptune will be in Aries… all of which points to renovation and new chances for how society, the masses, large groups interact, feedback, connect and bounce off each other to weave our oceanic constellation fabric. We have a lot of say on how this turns out. Uranus in Taurus for 7 or something years… what will that ferment?

Uranus has been in Aries for 7 years. What did we get from that? Maybe all these new civil rights and more mainstream awareness of terrorism against poc, queer, women, etc… since Aries is a combative avenger that hates lies and instinctively kicks towards what feels true for family/brothers/sisters/lovers. I don’t know. Whatever it is, we will make it and it will be ours. Do you have any ideas?