Astro Extras March 5-25

Lean into the illogical, creative goo during this time of beginnings and endings and returns and releases. Lots of overlap of new and old cycles, harmonizing with different feelings, relationships, roles. Find comfort in uncomfortable situations. Tune your relationship guitar, choose the notes to include or cut for the harmony.

Right Brain

Listen to your favorite songs from years ago. Sing songs from your childhood. Sing songs with your family and friends. If you’re a musician, write a new song. Write a poem. Let your senses mix and match. Write a poem for a taste. Make a sound for a smell (like how farts smell and sound together, but try different ones since that one is already taken). Make a dance for a color. Make a mixtape. Cry, drink wine in the bath and listen to music. Walk in the rain while listening to music. Serenade your love. Read a thin book of poetry.

Steps to dancing

I grew up dancing polka with my Slovak family. I used to brush up on my polka skills with a polka video from the Berkeley Public Library. I have taken different dance classes through the years, including lots of ballet as a little kid and Haitian dance at Laney College. Going out dancing is like church to me. I have always wanted to take salsa with my Puerto Rican hunk because Veronica always schools me when we dance. I’ve always wanted to go to lesbian line dancing at a bar - I’m 42-years-old and I still haven’t! What the actual hay! I’m supposed to be taking a hip hop class with my friend, Emily, but I keep flaking. I’m never not dancing in my house and while I drive and while I shop.

The moral of the story is there are many ways to do it. GO DANCE NOW.